I’m Gemma and I am mum to Jamie and Hayley, Jamie was born in June 2011 at which time I was fortunate enough to give up working full time to concentrate on being a stay at home mum. Since then Hayley has come along and I now work my business hours around caring for them along with my clients.

Prior to becoming a parent I spent the previous ten years working for a well known national house developer, supporting IT systems across the South East in seven regional offices with a combined userbase in excess of five hundred clients.

My role was diverse and covered everything from administering Microsoft Windows servers, providing application support, networking computers and printers through to project managing office moves and coordinating new site setups.

I frequently had to teach new users, some of whom had never turned on a PC before, how to use the IT systems, building their confidence and showing them that PC’s are not something to be afraid of.

Having gained a great deal of experience and contacts through my professional career I have also spent many years providing IT support in my spare time to family, friends and colleagues.

A number of these contacts, particularly ex-colleagues, went on to start their own small businesses, a number of which are now my clients and I hope will be for many years to come. I started this business to enable me to provide support on a more formal basis whilst maintaining flexibility to work around looking after my children. On occaisions they come with me to some clients, where appropriate, which means I have very flexible working hours and can work evenings and weekends where required.

Jamie is growing up fast and will soon be at school every day and Hayley now has a regular place at nursery which has given me more free time to dedicate to client support and to concentrate on developing the business and giving a faster response time to problems and tasks which require attention.

I offer a wide range of services which you can see more about if you click here, but if you don’t see what you are looking for listed then please do contact me here.

So whether you need a new website designed to help promote your business, including stationery, email addresses and everything else which comes with that or you just need some help with your home PC which doesn’t seem to be running quite right then contact me here.